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Helping accountants and advisory firm owners grow their audience and scale their business by focusing on marketing, mindset, and teams.

I'm Alyssa.

Back in the day, I grew my accounting business to $324k in the first year, part-time while raising 2 young boys. Since then, I’ve helped 5,802 accountants and former CFOs scale to 6 figures and beyond, without hating their lives.

And I’ve scaled my consulting business to 7 figures in just a few years.

My purpose is to share life-strategies that help accountants and advisory firm owners create wealth for themselves and make a giant impact in their communities.

You know me from:
You know me from:

I’m ready to 
grow my audience.

7 Magic Posts is a counterintuitive approach to knowing EXACTLY what to post to land New clients EVERY SINGLE DAY, without cold messaging people you don't know.

Industry Leaders, like you are achieving this with 7 simple social media posts, without having to sell your soul and create wild guarantees. You are valuable. It's time everyone saw that! 

I’m ready to
scale my business.

We're helping serious business owners to increase not just  their revenue but also their profit margin, launch and scale a custom lead generating process that will bring in consistent traffic, and create a unique, vulnerable and authentic brand that allows you to be all of you. 

Are you in?

2 contracts @ $100k

"I just had two contracts signed that equal almost $100k a year! Boy Alyssa J Dillon was right when she said as soon as I gave my notice my company would blow up!"

3 new clients in 6 days

"We onboarded 3 new clients in 6 days, one decided to commit to our premium offer, and one of our monthly clients just signed a new engagement letter for double her monthly investment!"
bryanna b.


"I'm reviewing my financial for this year and comparing to last year. I've increased my revenue by 497% and net income by 354%! Holy cow! Not too shabby for my first full year!"
Laura J.

Decide if this is right for you.

If you decide you want to be in control of your financial future, let's discuss your business and if this is the NEXT BEST step for you. 


We will get clarity on where you're at now and where you want to go & uncover whether or not Money Maker Mastermind is the right match for you.

SCALE your business!

Let's work together to help you achieve your dreams of having not just a financially successful business, but also creating the time freedom you desire!

Hear it from our clients

"Frickin' amazing..."

"More exposure..."


Make money, not excuses™

Our mission is to help you scale your company to $100k months - without scaling up your workload.

We want you to be surrounded by leaders just like you with a common goal that make getting to the next level feel normal.

Join a community of leaders growing their companies, just like you.

Connect with other driven Industry Leaders, get your questions answered, and receive expert feedback on your posts to accelerate your success!

And there's no charge for it. I want you to have this as my gift.
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